Unified Collaboration Server

IceWarp GroupWare gives users, groups and entire organizations the power to collaborate intelligently and effectively. This is made possible through anywhere/anytime access to shared information, including Files, Tasks, Contacts, Calendars, Journals and Notes.

Calendars, Tasks, Resources, Invitations

Through support of open standards, users can schedule & manage events & company resources. Supported standards include Internet Calendars, Free/Busy lookup, & iMIP for Outlook ® compatible calendar invitations. Users can also manage Contacts, Tasks & Journals, syncing data with Outlook ®, IceWarp Desktop Client & mobile devices.

User-to-User Sharing

Through flexible permissions, users have the ability to share Email, Files, Tasks, Contacts, Calendars, Journals & Notes. Highly granular control includes Read, Write, Modify & Delete. Users are alerted through email notifications that they have been granted access rights.

Group Sharing & Public Folders

Through public folders, GroupWare data can be shared across the entire organization, among groups and between individuals. Global Address List (GAL) provides a contact directory that is centralized and automatically populated. Each user can manage their individual contact information, which simplifies management, promotes efficiency and keeps contact information up-to-date.

Simple File Storage

Using IceWarp GroupWare, users can save and access important files as if they were accessing them on a local drive or network share. Access is enabled through IceWarp WebClient, Microsoft Outlook and through a network drive via the Windows desktop.

SmartDiscover for Easy Deployment

End users only need to know their username and password, simplifying deployment of client software. IceWarp SmartDiscover handles the rest, automatically providing access to Calendars, IM settings, and SMTP/POP3/IMAP server configuration. Compatible clients and mobile devices can be easily configured without user interaction.

Multi-Platform Design

Multi-Platform Design

IceWarp GroupWare includes a unique implementation of CalDAV Server, designed to support the broadest set of applications available. This is achieved through an innovative combination of WebDAV, GroupDAV CardDAV and CalDAV protocols. Supported clients include Apple iCal/Address Book, Mozilla Thunderbird/Sun­bird, Novell Evolution and last but not least, the native IceWarp Desktop Client.

Mobile Synchronization

Mobile Synchronization

IceWarp supports out-of-the-box synchronization of email and groupware data via ActiveSync with IceWarp SmartSync Technology or via the open-standard SyncML protocol. This provides native support for almost every mobile device on the market. For more information view our mobile access section.

Robust Database Storage

IceWarp GroupWare requires no special installation or configuration and is ready to use right out of the box. For organizations with more complex needs, GroupWare supports the most trusted database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Firebird and Interbase. Optional backup database connection with FS export for the ultimate data retention.