IceWarp Licensing Management

  • New Cost Effective Bundle Purchase
  • New competitively priced bundles for organizations seeking to migrate to IceWarp Unified Communications Server from another platform. This will convert your IceWarp Unified Communications Server Demo installation into a fully licensed production server.
  • New Build to Order Modular Pricing
  • We deliver the ultimate flexibility to customers with our build to order license model. Buy only the modules you need for the users that need them and easily provision that access from the server. Going forward you can easily add new features or new users as your needs change.
  • Online License Retrieval
  • Retrieve your license online here only if your server is offline and online activation is not available.
  • FREE 30 Day Try Before You Buy
  • To evaluate the IceWarp Unified Communications Server with up to 200 users for 30 days with no feature limitations, you are automatically granted a trial upon first installation. If it fails because your server is behind a firewall or not connected to network yet, register here for free and have the trial license emailed to you.