IceWarp Unified Communications Server 11

IceWarp Unified Communications Server for Windows & Linux delivers a highly integrated solution, including Mail Server with dual Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus protection, GroupWare Server, Instant Messaging Server, a unified WebClient interface and mobile access.

IceWarp Server Screens


IceWarp excels in all areas of essential business communication through a single, highly integrated, secure and standards-compliant platform.     

  • Email Server
  • Instant Messaging Server
  • VoIP / SIP Server
  • SMS Server ( text messaging )

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Users can create, manage and share all personal data, including Contacts, Calendars, Files, Tasks & more; plus, they can easily schedule meetings and company resources.

  • Global Address Lists
  • Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Docs
  • Resource Scheduling & Planning
  • Outlook Connector (Coming Soon!)

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Multi-layered protection includes 20+ proven server-side technologies, real-time Commtouch ® RPD protection, and high-performance anti-virus defense by Kaspersky ®.

  • Dual anti-spam protection
  • Real-time RPD detection
  • Integrated Kaspersky ® Anti-Virus
  • IP level intrusion prevention

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Wirelessly synchronize email and PIM data to your mobile devices via ActiveSync ® or SyncML. Delete sensitive data from lost or stolen devices with RemoteWipe.      

  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Open-standard SyncML
  • PIM synchronization and Push
  • Mobile device management

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